200 sqm - 2015


The 50-years collaboration between the company Cassina and Le Corbusier should be celebrated with a party!

The preparation of this festival, whose protagonists are his furniture, is inspired by the rooftop garden of Beistegui Count, designed by Le Corbusier with the intent to create an unusual space for parties of this eccentric character.

The windows of the Cassina showroom are designed as an imaginary and surreal space characterized by broken stairs, horizontal hedges, selectors mirrors, grass carpets, fireplaces and plaster parrots images on wallpaper.

What would today the spirit of the contemporary world seen by Le Corbusier? If yesterday was the car, the industrial mass production, the replicability of matter, now could be the man, the variety of human and social relations, the simultaneity of the network and its accessibility.

Pluralism brought by the Internet today sees the concept of “style” as an expression of lifestyle choices and cultural needs of each individual person. This within a broader context and articulated than in the past, in which the industrial mass induced to conform to a single model.

So the furniture designed by Le Corbusier can now finally be seen as companions for life “designed for everybody, costumized for life”.

An installation project: a suggestion that does not want to impose views, but open to the public alluding to multiple read registers. A space to discover with surprise the furniture of Le Corbusier and fall in love “not only for living, but also for living”.

WATCH THE VIDEO  of UdA’s proposal for Cassina showroom in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2015


project by Marcante – Testa (UdA Architetti)

collaborators: Mattia Inno, Giada Mazzero