The rhythmic sequence of fullness and voids in Cut Out, the new carpet by Carpet Edition designed by MARCANTE–TESTA and presented as a preview at the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, is accompanied by essential lines and soft colors. Enclosed within a distinctive and intense profile, they reflect a bold and creative atmosphere.

Cut Out is a journey through tradition, from the oldest linked to nomadic populations who knotted textile fibers to create everyday artifacts, to the contemporary one that is no longer just an expression of a community’s culture and art but the narrative of a new dimension of living made up of simple and refined volumes.

The passion for fabrics, colors, and materials expresses the deep roots of MARCANTE–TESTA’s know-how. The Cut Out carpet, made of New Zealand wool (10 mm Bouclé), features a Tencel decoration (14 mm velvet). The product is available in three sizes (170 x 240 cm, 200 x 300 cm, 300 x 400 cm) and four color variants (Soft Pink, Perfect Yellow, Unique Green, and Subtle Beige).

The cuts and patterns that decorate the new Cut Out carpet transform the domestic environment into a new space of contemporary living capable of embracing diverse cultures. The composition, achieved with strict rules, combined with the materiality of the fabrics and the alternation of fullness and voids, can be seen as the focal point of a room or as a complement to a larger furnishing.

The chromatic contrast and the shape of Cut Out, in fact, give life to a product that defines the different spaces of the home.