Designed by Marcante-Testa studio for Ex.t, Nostalgia collection of washbasins, bathtubs, and bathroom accessories conveys the past into contemporary patterns, playing with the intriguing pleasure of memory.

Taking on the good things of the past and bringing them up to date: based on this idea, Nostalgia collection of furnishings is inspired by the bathrooms of the last century, and yet includes specific contemporary design elements.

Nostalgia collection, aimed at fulfilling the requirements for nowadays interiors, is purposedly designed to match with those environments which still preserve the memories of our past, whether in the city or in the country.

By going beyond a certain period’s style representation, Nostalgia collection dances on the thin boundary line between essence and contemporaneity: along with discharging its functions as technical equipment, this bathroom furniture, through its shapes, also conforms to its user’s character and identity.

This first edition of Nostalgia collection unveils two pieces of furniture, both wall mounted and floor standing with ceramic basin, three mirrors and a bathtub. All elements are available in a palette of five cool-toned colours: Ice Gray, Blue Gray, Blue, Dark Green and Light Gray.