project by A. Marcante – A. Testa for “ROOMS” exhibition, curated by da Elle Decor Italia.

Palazzo Morando, via Sant’Andrea 6, Milan, October 6-18, 2015




The room for Romo group is imagined as a place where the world of adults and the one of children come together, stimulating the imagination of younger visitors and, at the same time, revealing the more ironic traits of grown-ups. The mix of fabrics and wallpapers creates harmony between different codes, the aim being a contemporary world made of cross-contamination. The choice of different materials and textures and their use for the decor, accessories and architectural elements is critical in showing how the traditional contrasts between luxury and simplicity, seriousness and irony and masculinity and delicacy have been overcome. An environment as a positive example of our daily struggle to harmonize our contradictions.

TEXTILE MANUFACTURER Romo Group → Based in Nottinghamshire (UK), since 1902, the year it was founded, it has retained the character of family business, opening its own design studio in 1980. It designs and manufactures an exclusive range of upholstery fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings. The group includes the brands Romo, Black Edition, Kirkby Design, Mark Alexander, Villa Nova and Zinc Textile. →