Tale of Tiles is the architecture of a dreamlike palace created by studio Marcante – Testa as the setting for their latest collection of “Dekorami” ceramics, designed for the Italian brand Ceramica Vogue.

The unexpected presence of these ceramic products enhances the solemnity of the walls they decorate. Their micro-patterns activate a tactile memory that brings to mind decorations and stylistic features from the past, just as the architecture itself evokes settings from times that are not easy to understand.

As occurs in dreams, when we process signs and meanings in an unusual manner, in these spaces (which are ambiguously interiors or exteriors), the atmosphere is unresolved. There is no furniture and no human beings that establish specific functions, only an enigmatic animal presence. The animals appear frozen and the light, often at the zenith and enhanced by the reflection on the ceramics, contributes to inducing contemplation leading to an almost-metaphysical space. The rooms therefore have no pre-established function and, as occurs in The Disquieting Muses painting by Giorgio de Chirico, they become a place of expectation in relation to the lives that can be lived in an ambiguous relationship of forces between Nature and Culture.

The collection of “Dekorami” glazed stoneware is composed of three superficial patterns called Kolonne, Koriandoli and Kodici in 26×26 cm format. They are available in blue, green, silk and white, with matching backgrounds and closing listello tiles.


Architectural project and styling: Marcante-Testa

Dekorami Tiles designed by Marcante-Testa for Ceramica Vogue

Images production : Terzo Piano