9000 sqm - 2015


“WHERE THE PAST MEETS THE PRESENT” is a project commissioned to the studio Marcante-Testa by a well-known Swiss company operating in the vacation home sector, for all the interiors of a new resort to be built at Cavallino (Venice) with a total area of 9000 square meters. The project (besides revising the spatial layout) has addressed the spaces in their entirety, from custom furnishings to the choice of lighting, catalogue furniture and all the necessary complements: 131 apartments, a reception area, a lounge, offices, a restaurant, a wellness center, a cafe with market, a multifunctional hall, a children’s play area, an arena/stage, a club, and a small kiosk near the beach.

The location of the resort is a strategic one for the developer and its clients, due to its position facing the sea on the Adriatic coast, and its proximity to Venice, which can be reached with public seagoing transport. Therefore the representation of this place “suspended” between nature and culture becomes the project’s main theme of research. The apartments include one, two and three-room solutions with living areas open to terraces facing the sea, and a custom kitchen block that functions as an architectural connection between the dining and living areas. The space is vertically divided in keeping with a reinterpretation of a typical classic scheme of many Venetian homes: an initial “belt” starting from the floor as a backdrop for the furnishings, a strip above it for decorative elements, and an upper wall segment as an extension of the ceiling.

The choice of materials and their installation, as well as the selection of furnishings, provide a contemporary interpretation of the city of Venice and the Adriatic coast: wallpapers, glass chandeliers, inlaid wood floors, gold mosaic facings, but also fabrics and complements, all contribute to the idea that the voyage of discovery of a place can begin in the place that hosts us.


project by MARCANTE-TESTA (UdA Architetti)

collaborators: Mattia Inno, Giada Mazzero, Valentina Negro