“An Explosive Compound” COVER STORY on  The World Of Interiors, Nov. 2019:


“Hi-energising a drab 1970s flat near Turin”

[…]”the project proves that memoria storica doesn’t need to stand still: it’s a moving target”

19-11_World of Interiors_Explosive

The residence, our project focus, is nestled in the heart of Cavallermaggiore’s historic center, not far from Turin, representing a section of a larger structure erected in the early 1900s, once the abode of the illustrious Ascanio Sobrero, the inventor of nitroglycerin.

The interior spaces unfold as a sophisticated layering of styles and materials, a testament to the lives of previous owners, notably our client, who spent their adolescence here and now seeks to refurbish it as a residence. Long harboring the aspiration to conceive an interior with a more meticulous approach to preserving existing elements.

The decision to retain walls, coverings, and tiles transcends mere economic considerations; it pays homage to the client, safeguarding the precious memories of a shared past with parents and grandparents. Materials, finishes, coverings, and even lighting and furnishings can become irreplaceable custodians and storytellers in a home.

Maintenance, today, stands as the primary sustainable approach, contributing to reducing costs, consumption, and environmental impacts linked to disposal and waste production. Our proposal revolves around a metal structure characterizing the new external staircase, acting as a filter between public and private spaces, and extending within as a connecting element between various rooms.

Externally painted black, internally in safety orange, the tubular and plate elements define new spaces, furnishings, and functions, framing points of interest and preserving memories over time.

This architectural device particularly manifests in the metal structure, serving as a visual filter at the entrance, defining spaces in the living and kitchen areas, and guiding the gaze throughout the apartment, assigning value even to seemingly distasteful elements. The new resin, connecting spaces, accentuates the aged floor tiles and enhances the traces of time.

The wall color palette draws inspiration from the hues in existing tiles and wallpapers, transforming the perception of what might seem outdated and unappealing through minimal, respectful interventions.

The title “An Explosive Compound” alludes to the explosive ensemble of decorative elements encountered at the project’s inception, with the intention to “stabilize” them, provide a new identity, and narrate a potential approach to the renovation project that minimizes waste production and disposal as much as possible.



Materials e furniture:
Custom made furniture, metal structure and wire mesh dividers: designed by Marcante-Testa, realized by Falegnameria Fiore


project by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa

collaborators: Giada Mazzero

photographer: Carola Ripamonti