Andrea Marcante, born in Turin on May 3, 1966, was the co-founder of the UdA architecture studio (1992-2014), where he collaborated continuously with designer Adelaide Testa, born in Castellamonte (TO) on November 4, 1965. Since 2014, Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa have established the “Studio Marcante-Testa”, characterized by a commitment to pursue a precise design research path in the field of interior architecture and its relationships with both the physical and cultural/social context.

The atmospheres crafted by Marcante-Testa aim to elegantly reconcile the multiple facets of dwelling, embodying seriousness and playfulness, authenticity and refinement, deep roots, and love for the world.

In 2016, with the “Liberamensa” project for the Lorusso e Cutugno Prison in Turin, they initiated a collaboration with the public administration to introduce interior architecture into prisons, expressing their belief that vulnerable places like prisons, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes should have projects that are not only functional but also enhance environmental quality.

Through the Content&Context service, the studio collaborates with various companies in the realms of colors, furnishings, and materials, partnering with brands such as Ex.t, Carpet Edition, SEM, Spotti Valcucine, and Ceramica Vogue.

Their projects have earned awards and recognition, guiding spatial research in interiors towards an architecture of counterpoint, harmonizing emotion and reason, contributing to a renewed human sensibility.

In 2019, “T-The New York Times Style Magazine” recognized them as one of the most innovative studios in Italy, and in 2024, AD France included them in the list of the 100 most visionary creators.

In parallel with their professional endeavors, Marcante and Testa serve as professors and coordinators at the Interior Design department of IED Turin. Additionally, they are instructors in the Master’s program in Interior Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan.

In 2022, they founded “ATELIER MARCANTE-TESTA,” an educational initiative for professionals and companies focused on specific themes such as the use of color, material selection, and the overall design approach for specific spaces and furnishings.


(ph. by Francesco Dolfo)