Beds, wardrobes and writing desks in a distinctly modernist style, fusions of pastels shades and 100% ecofriendly materials. “COSE DA BOCIA”, the first kid’s collection of furniture designed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa made its debut at Fuorisalone 2015 during Milan Design Week. The first international preview of the collection took place in Galleria Vanitas at no.41, Via Vincenzo Monti, in collaboration with Milk Magazine. COSA DA BOCIA derives from a new way of envisaging space in relation to its inhabitants, proposing furniture that gradually adapts to different needs and places, capable of entertaining children while at the same time bringing out the most ironic side of adults. A collection of furniture designed for the modern-day family for whom finding an interior space and home environment suitable for communal life are fundamental values and ingredients for living a well-balanced life. “ The home, including the children’s room, is envisaged as a combination of spaces capable of keeping both the important and more evanescent sides of our personality alive” so Marcante and Testa point out. “Bocia” means ‘kid’ in Turin jargon. The collection is designed to meet the needs of the new modern-day family that is now  quite accustomed to inhabiting spaces fluidly, with no separation between the space for adults and children’s space. We have retraced the history of furniture and children spaces from 1920 to 1970, in order to come up with a small but entirely customisable collection made of recycled wood, tubular metal, rope and cork, matched with accessories specially designed for us by Gruppo di Installazione.” An innovation in the children’s furniture industry you cannot afford to miss.

LET / bed

Children’s bed (for mattress measuring 160×70 cm) made of coloured MDF and tubular metal with inserts made of natural rope.

Dimensions: 178x85x103 cm

[basic model: black MDF + lacquered metal frame; predisposition for optional rope]


TAULIN /coffee table

Coffee table with coloured MDF top + tubular frames (brass or lacquered metal)

Two different heights : H 45 cm /   H 70 cm

[basic model: black MDF top + lacquered metal frames]


ARMARI / wardrobe

Wardrobe made of coloured MDF  with lacquered parts coated with cork; complete with removable interior shelves and hanging bar. Tubular metal structure resting on the floor.

Single door: 50x50x180 cm

Double door:  100x50x180 cm

[basic model: black MDF coated with cork + single colour metal structure]


STAGERE /shelves

Modular shelves that can be combined together, made of coloured MDF  with a support structure made of brass or lacquered tubular metal.

Metal supports have three different heights: 35 / 68 / 101 cm for single / double / triple shelf

Shelves are 100×25 or 180×25 cm, the smallest combination is 100x35x35 cm

[basic model: black MDF coated with cork + metal structure in one colour]



Wall-mounted “small theatre box” made of coloured MDF to hide the TV set. (different sizes on demand)

[basic model: black laminated MDF]