“Ability to excite and elegance of yesteryear.

So three Italian brands gave a shock to the world of interiors.     (*)

Where to say something new, you look (even) back.”


traslation from the original words by Lia Ferrari





Io Donna_cover

Architects, not decorators: «We work on the structure, they work on the skin». Adelaide Testa and Andrea Marcante care about underlining it. “Savoy setting”: their reference point is the “Turin school”.
«Carlo Mollino, Prando and Rosso and a figure unfairly forgotten as Toni Cordero». In the domestic interiors they  also design furniture, as the greats once did. Now the industry wants them: they will put into production a series of furniture and have taken the art direction of a brand of ceramics. They’re also appreciated abroad: “They consider us very Italians, refined people who can be fun”. The irony lies in mixing the codes: masculine and feminine, rustic and cosmopolitan, because the form also follows the emotion.

In the future there is the social commitment too: after Liberamensa, the restaurant inside the Turin prison open to the external public, they would like to bring design into other “weak” places. “That’s where it’s really needed.”






(*) Marcante-Testa / Pietro Russo / Fabrizio Casiraghi