Our project for a law firm in Turin has been published by AIT, on the October issue dedicated to offices and working spaces.

Words by Petra Stephan

Photos by Carola Ripamonti

098_101_AIT1017_HT_4-Seiten_Marcante Testa_ps_Auto_Vorlage

098_101_AIT1017_HT_4-Seiten_Marcante Testa_ps_Auto_Vorlage



AIT1017_Titelfinal_Layout 1

“The statement  “I believe in the magic and authority of words” greets the clients of the law office in Turin as a three-dimensional wall design positioned next to the reception counter. Following this motto, the interior of the newly designed law office ought to encourage the often insecure and advice-seeking clients and reduce the distance between the judicial system and the individual person. For this purpose, the Turin-based lawyers commissioned the local architectural firm Adelaide Testa and Andrea Marcante, who have been working together under the UdA label since 2004 and as Marcante-Testa since 2014 and have made a name for themselves as interior specialists for elegant gastronomic and residential projects. The carefree extravagance, the sensitive combination of diverse patterns and materials as well as taking up historical references let their interiors tell stories and invite residents and visitors to engage in dialogue. This is exactly what Marcante Testa achieved on the 200 square metres of an inner-city residential and commercial building dating from the 19th century. What the client of the law firm at first sight perceives as a cheerful and homely mixture of materials and patterns, which is perfectly suited to

dispel fears of contact with the power of law, turns out to be a homage to the historical heritage and Turin’s architectural history. The elaborately refurbished parquet flooring, which could be preserved in almost all areas, served with its geometry as a design template for the

mirrored reception counter with screen-printing ornamentation, for the wallpaper with diamond graphics and for the reinterpretation of the panelling in the large conference room. The latter provides a quiet backdrop for the furniture, which was custom-designed by Marcante-Testa – the shelving unit made of painted MDF and metal profiles as well as the table with a metal laminate top. The exciting combination of shiny metal, mirrored glass and subdued, warm wood tones is

enriched by quotes from famous Turin architects of the recent past.

The use of silkscreen prints on the doors of cupboards and bookshelves in the conference room relate to Carlo Mollino (1905-1973), while the reinterpretation of classical elements such as the plaster frames placed in front of the walls, which “structure” the wallpaper, and the ceiling rosettes, which with contemporary geometries support the effect of the lighting fixtures, remind of Toni Cordero (1937-2001).

Upholstered seating furniture with soft shapes and bright colours breaks up the rather masculine overall atmosphere of the interiors -typical for Marcante Testa – as does the lavish decoration with numerous indoor plants, which, however, seems to be largely due to the passion of the lawyer and client.”

by Petra Stephan