New furniture collection for SEM Spotti Edizioni Milano.


Marcante-Testa designed three pieces for the 2018 collection by SEM Spotti Edizioni Milano: the Duale table, the Genio chandelier and the Magico carpet. The irony of the name expresses a desire to play with different codes and languages, by combining artisan workmanship with the use of industrial materials.

This sophisticated divertissement makes reference to the Turin school of interior design, with figures such as Toni Cordero, an architect more than designer, or Prando and Rosso. Their objects were the result of private commissions, designed in relation to particular spaces and made by skilled craftsmen. The Marcante-Testa table is in fact two tables in one: the first with a laminate top and the second with a top in Bianco Lasa marble, taken from the Croda di Jenn quarries at 1500 metres above sea level. This large top rests on a huge and eclectic support structure, consisting of a combination of red mahogany, steel, painted iron and black MDF.

Genio, another hybrid object, reinterprets the idea of the chandelier in a postindustrial bon-ton style. The copper tubes and the fabric cables draw attention away from the specially-designed light diffusers, make from sand-blasted glass; while the passamenterie inserts, supplied by a historic Turin workshop, add a special sartorial touch. The same subtle vein of humour is found in the Magico carpet, which starts with a classic idea: a frame design edged with a strip of passamenterie and pompoms.

Futuraforma, together with the other pieces of the 2018 collection by SEM Spotti Edizioni Milano, has been presented at Milan Design Week 2018 at the exclusive location in Via Maroncelli 3, Brera Design District.



project: Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa

collaborators: Giada Mazzero

photographer: Omar Sartor, Mattia Balsamini

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