“The success in awards and publications on national and international magazines attests the quality and originality
of the projects by Marcante-Testa in the panorama of contemporary design and their refined research
for an “Italian way” to rediscover different values and attentions, ethics, beauty, style, society.”
                                                                                            G. Pino Scaglione


17-03-29_quaderno roma_cover_1000

Rome Architects Association dedicated the first of their “Quaderni di Design”, a series of booklets curated by arch. professor G. Pino Scaglione, to the projects by Marcante-Testa, with a talk in Rome on interiors, exhibit, architecture and design.

curated by G. Pino Scaglione

introduction by Antonia Marmo, Luca Milan


17-03-29_quaderno roma